I advice and tell you that you deserve better quality of life.

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This is me giving and advice and telling you that you deserve a better quality of life.

So you might find this topic random but let me assure you that you are not alone, in fact, I’m actually sure that this might not make sense at all but I just want to blurt it out anyway.

Those who know me know that I enjoy photography very well, although I can’t say I’m good at it, I know the basic and try at times but not as serious as the others so let’s just say that I enjoy photography in a critic way. When I see a photo, whether it’s in an exhibit or online, I always appreciate it and think about how it was taken (the setting, the lens that was used, angle, and camera). I sometimes zoom in and out and try to see it both in the big and little picture. I appreciate the perfect imperfections of the background noise and texture, the amount of light, its exposure. I enjoy it in an artistic way.

You know what, I’ll let you in a little secret. My phone has been broken almost a year ago, it has dents- more dents than a phone actually. But I can’t seem to replace it for two reasons, 1) I’m saving to get a more durable phone that I can use for years because I think electronic waste is a big no-no; and 2) I’m still not decided on what brand and model to get. If I’m being honest I could have bought a new phone months ago but my dilemma is what kind of phone to get. I’m looking for a phone with a great camera because it is something that I need especially that I want to convey stories. I want it to capture the things I want people to see.

In the other hand, when people recommend a film or TV series that they have, my first question will always be ‘How’s the quality?’ I don’t mean it to sound bitchy or something, it’s just how I am. I just think that watching a work of art is something that should be done in high definition. Of course, it doesn’t apply to all. Sometimes I let it slide especially in comedy films because what the film offers is its humor.

Maybe it’s the Mass Communication major in me and the way we were taught back in college that makes me crave for HD and I think nothing is wrong with that. It’s because I know how hard filmmakers do those - from the production and post-production stage. They are their babies and they should be seen the best way possible.

You don’t have any idea how frustrating it is to shoot a clip only to find out after that the focus is not good! Or how hard it is to stabilize a moving shot without a stabilizer, and if you have it’s not easy to use it because it’s heavy!
It will be a disgrace for the filmmakers to watch their work just on a good level.
I now have backlogs of blog posts that I haven’t posted because of the scarcity of photos. I can’t choose what photos to pick!

What I’m trying to say in this post is that like all the films out there we are all deserving of a High-Definition life. We are entitled to have the best things in life and what we need to do is to reach for it. Sure, life can be shaky or too dark like some films but remember that sometimes it is how the film should be. Sometimes it is the filmmaker’s artistic way, it is their perfect imperfections.

So yes, you deserve a High Definition life with the Creator’s artistic doing.