Things you should remind yourself about

Written by Life blogger Teresa Gueco from Tarlac, Philippines

Have a break.
- I know that perseverance and determination will be the key to success, but every successful person needs and takes a break once in their lives. Even robots needed to recharge and so do you. You deserve it. Pausing doesn’t mean you are stopping. Pausing means taking your time and gathering all the momentum you need to accomplish your goal.

Listen to the voice inside you.
-Sometimes it’s hard to hear that little voice inside you because you are too hurt and numb about the things that happened in your life. You feel like the things people say about you is what defines you but you are more than just a rumor, you are more than just an issue. So let me be that voice for now.

I am here telling you that everything is gonna be fine. You are enough but you can do more, you can be more. If things are not going according to your plan then make another plan. Whatever happens, good or bad, just remember that someone is rooting for you and you don’t get to give up on that someone. When things are getting rough remember a hopeful and younger version of yourself, don’t let her/him down.
If you can’t see your future ahead, if you can’t see the worth of your present self, then look back and get hope and strength from your younger self who believes in you.

Choose to be happy.
-Life is ugly but there’s beauty in it. It gave us the chance to make it better and to help people have a better disposition. Choose happiness over hatred, choose forgiveness over pain, choose love. Make it a habit to make someone smile every day. Let’s help make the world more bearable.

Choose your battle.
-When you are faced with challenges and difficulties always try to choose wisely. Not all battles should be won because not all battles are yours for you to win. Only meddle with things that really involves you, things that have effects on you.
Some battles are there for you to teach you some lessons but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it should be your own battle. You can learn from others, don’t go chasing wars just for the sake of being into wars.

Science taught us the action-reaction
-When in a situation where you have to choose between being brave or mature, always choose to be mature. Leave if you must because leaving doesn’t necessarily mean losing, it only means you are brave enough to know that some things are not working out. You can be matured by being brave and leave but you can never be brave by being immature.

Make people laugh at you.
-One of the things that get us nervous is when we make a fool out of ourselves in front of many people. It was instilled in us that we have to deliver that speech perfectly, we have to execute all the steps properly, and we have to hit proper notes when singing. We were so afraid that people will laugh at us, at our mistakes and faults. But who cares? Make people laugh at you because it only shows that you are trying to do something. You are being brave to let yourself be seen and do the things that you have to do in order to gain knowledge.

Go on and make people laugh at you because in the end, you’ll laugh with them while remembering how scared you were and how brave you’ve been since then.

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