3 things I wish my future self know- Teresa Gueco

There are a lot of things we wish our past self knew to prevent mistakes.
We’ve seen and heard other people’s thought about what they have to say to their younger self that is mostly about the lessons they’ve learned. There is nothing wrong with that but what about your future self? What are the things you want your future self to know?

Usually, we often look back and wish things we could have or done in the past to make everything better.

But in the process we forgot to look forward and utter words of encouragement to our future self. The same process why it's we are having difficulty moving on.

So now we’ll celebrate life and the future in this post.

In this post we will acknowledge our future self and tell the things we want them to remember.

To my future self please know that being understood by society and the people will be a forever issue for us. Our younger self suffered that, I am suffering, and I am sure that you will face this as well.

You have to understand that people believe what they want to believe and that is not on you and should not have an effect on you. Sure, it can affect you but you have to do something for it to not have an effect on you. Be affected but don’t let it have an effect on your life. Being affected is as humane as to breathe but letting it have an effect on you is something you have some control of.

We are unique individuals and we still don’t get other people as well, and we might never be, but you have to remember how to respect them. Respect that your views and opinions are not the same with other but that doesn’t mean that theirs are less or better than the other one.

Remember, respect begets respect.


Living life now made me realize a lot of things and one of them is that everyone is hurting. Growing up, and even until now, we tend to be sorry for us for being in a bad situation and we tend to make it bigger than it is.

I cannot blame you for I know that being in pain hurts a lot. Your mind messes you and you feel like the world is conspiring against you. Most of the time it feels like you are alone, but you are not. You are not alone…and you are not the only one hurting.
You are not the only human being suffering in pain, you are not the only one hurting, and the moment you accept that the more you'll look at life better. You'll be able to see past your pain and see that suffering that surrounds all of us.
This is in no way invalidating your emotions or saying that you can’t feel sorry for yourself. This is about being kind to other people and acknowledging other human beings who are also trying to live a peaceful life.

Be kind and know that a lot of people are suffering and you don’t even know half of their stories. Pain is a natural emotion that I hope no one feels intensely, and you don’t get to pass it on to someone else.

Sometime when we are hurt and in pain we forget how to be kind and we unconsciously pass the hate on.

You can be mad, you can get angry, you can get hurt, but try not to pass it on.


I don’t know if this is still applicable in the next 10-15 years but right now it is and I want to point this out.

Reel life is different from real life.

A recent study says that Vlogging is becoming a soft skill that people are raving about. Even kids wanted to be vloggers (also known as Youtubers) when they grow up. Yes, there’s nothing wrong with it and it pays well while doing whatever you want.

But reel life is not everything. There is still a life outside that screen monitor, feed goals IG, high following FB pages, and verified Twitter account.

I hope you find happiness and entertainment in the reel life but I really hope that you still know that real life is much more important than the reel. I hope it helps you get creative. I hope you can guard yourself against ideal things that reel life imposes. I hope you can use reel life to promote a bigger purpose in life.

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