Dear Vita, I still don't have life figured out.


Dear Vita, I still don't have life figured out.

I always say this and I'll probably keep on saying this because it is one of the most honest things I could ever say to myself.

Contrary to what other people are saying, I am not everyone's favorite (well I am Lola's favorite and I'll fight anyone who'll disagree) and I have made peace with that thought. People come and go, people will use you, and some people will hurt you. And sometimes all you have to do is live through it.

So even if I'm losing, I am winning. I keep on reminding myself that even though people don't choose me, I am still here choosing myself over and over again. 

I am celebrating my wins in silence, fighting causes the way I know how, and trying to be a better person that my future self will be proud of.

Some people are better than me, but what's more important is that I am a better version of myself than yesterday.

And then there are those people who are suffering more than we do. I don't know when it will get better, but I hope it's sooner than later. Your emotions are valid, your anxieties do not define you, your fears should not hinder you. So after the chaos, rise above it. Remember that you are stronger than all your fears and sufferings combined.

Happy #WorldMentalHealthDay, we can't wait to see you shine! 

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