Life in a Bullet: 3rd Quarter of 2019

Life blogger update

  •          We had a scare when Lola got hospitalized last July. She suffered from electrolyte imbalanced and acute bronchitis. We were at the hospital for almost a week and got her discharge paper on August 4.

  •          Her recovery is still ongoing, one month and two days as of writing. She can lift herself up but having difficulty supporting herself to stand and walk. We noticed some improvements like she no longer needs an adult diaper, she can eat on her own and can take medicine without us dissolving it in water. To be honest, I thought the hospitalization part was bad (it is bad!!) but tending for Lola at home and seeing her went through all that stuff is heartbreaking. At home, she suffered from a stiff neck that causes her neck pain and prohibited her to move freely. During that time we were not able to do something about it aside from slowly putting oils and massaging her neck to ease her pain and for her to move freely.

  •          I attended LANY concert in Manila! I am still happy and hype about this. I’ve said this to a friend and I’ll write it again here. Back in the days, I don’t feel other people and their fondness to concerts. I watch concert videos online and I think ‘why do people watch and go to a concert if they can’t hear the voice of the artist without the audiences’ screams?’  My logic was based on the videos I watched online. The artists' voices were tuned out because of the scream so I had a hard time seeing the logic of paying to watch them sing live if it’ll be just blurred out because of the noise. But I was wrong, now I know the feeling of being at the scene and now concert vids (especially Lany in Manila) bring me joy. I know the feeling of singing my heart out with the band and how the noise brings familiar happiness. I was in awe when I realized that watching concert vids and being at the concert is a whole lot of difference. When you are in the concert the voice of thousands of fan was blurred out and you can only hear the artist. I can continue this bullet over and over but I’ll just stop with telling you how happy and memorable that concert had been.

  •          I attended an ocean clean up drive and mangrove planting in Masinloc, Zambales. This was my first ever clean up drive activity since I am from Tarlac and no big form of water is here. What I love about this event I attended was the initiative of the people I met starting from the General Manager of the resort, to the group of volunteers from the LGU, and the bloggers and vloggers we met in the event. This was a lot to take especially since I need to travel the day after the LANY concert so I was really not my usual self. Our travelling was also stressful from almost an hour hailing a bus to go to our pickup point in Pampanga and the rest of the travel with the rented van. I’m not sure how it happened but someone I got energized upon arriving at the place. The activity flow was followed and the people we met are so awesome.

  •         So a friend who currently lives abroad went home in the Philippines for a month and I’m adding it here in the list because the last time we met before she leaves was meaningful. To be honest, our recent talk just relates to me in a whole lot of level and I am kinda relieved to know that I am not alone, that my thinking and priorities are of the same with someone. That I’m not travelling the road less travelled. Cheers!

It’s been months since I have last written something and this is just me trying and forcing my writing juices to come. I wrote this around 2AM and this is all I’ve got.

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