Participating in clean-up drive initiatives taught me to be brave and trust people- but don't be reckless.

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When I participated in a clean-up drive the thing that really got me hooked was its advocacy. I want to labeled myself as an eco-warrior and it was the least that I can do- aside from ditching straws, using eco-bags religiously, and trying to influence people from our household.

Looking back I remember my parents’ classic reminder to be careful with the people I meet online- the millennial term for don’t talk to strangers. And right now I just want to give myself a clap back.

Aside from a close friend, Maureen whom I drag into it so imagine my liabilities if bad things happen, I don’t know anything about the people I’ll be with. But I trust them and their advocacy and so I had to do a leap of faith.

Being in a vehicle with no clue with who they are was a liberating experience. I remember my favorite writer (Ate Trisha of P.S. I’m on my way) and can’t help thinking how proud she will be of me for finally having a brave heart and doing it. She is my life’s peg and I want to be like her but not really like her- I want to be like her but still be me if that makes sense to you.

Meeting people during these kinds of activities is much easier than meeting people in school. In school, it feels like it is required to be there but with these kinds of activities you’ll know that these people you are with shared a common goal with you.

The lesson I gain from this is to trust people. If I didn’t maybe we wouldn’t make it to our very first meet up- someone from the group volunteered to fetch us in the terminal to go to the meetup place of the rented van that drove us to Zambales. If I didn’t give any trust we wouldn’t be home at peace and ease as well- the same people who volunteered to fetch us also volunteered to accompany us to up to the terminal where we can ride a bus going home.

People, it’s not wrong to be careful. Living in this kind of world, living with the kind of government and society we have right now is very dangerous. Being careful is something we have to be with us 24/7 but being careful doesn’t mean you don’t need to trust people.

Being brave is not just being risky. Being brave is knowing everything could be wrong and acknowledging that life and people are not perfect but you embrace it anyway. You embrace it because you know how to dissect if this will bring mishaps or will do you good. Trust is indeed a strong word and only strong people can use it best, use it wisely.

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