2022 RECAP: 10/10 would not recommend


I want to start this post as powerful and as brief as I could because there's no other way to do it than to say how much it sucks.

Initially, I was thinking about how to create this post. It hasn't been my year, but it was for other people. I won some battles, but also lose in some. I don't want to generalize 2022 as a bad year because it wasn't for other people and because I also want to give credit to the battles I won.

Pero sorry, wala po tayong encouraging thoughts for this year.

Don't get me wrong, it has silver linings for me too. But what 2022 took away will never amount to any life lessons and silver linings. Those wins will never be enough to offset the things 2022 took away from me and our family.

I decided that as much as I wanted to be an optimist, I think I deserve to not want to be an optimist. This year might be good for others but it wasn't for me, despite some wins, this year is generally not my year. And as much as I want to celebrate my wins, I know that if given the chance to choose I wouldn't trade what I lost this year for bigger wins.

But it is what it is.

If 2022 was a theme park ride, I would have filed complaints and made sure that that ride will never see another day to traumatized someone else's life.

Right after my birthday in January, I got COVID-19 and was quarantined for almost a month. The following month, Lola was hospitalized in February. March was pretty calm and we celebrated Lola's birthday and some relatives came home. April was okay, nothing grand. May was intense since Lola was hospitalized again. We rush her to the hospital at 1 AM on May 8, 2022 and was discharged after a week, we knew some things changed for the worst. In June, I was able to travel to Pangasinan with some of my workmates.

In July, the worst happened. All in all, I took a 2-week leave from work.

August was okay. I attended Billie Eillish concert with friends. September, the highlight is probably our Manila museum trip. October is a constant juggle with work and my personal time in general tho I got the chance to watch Jeremy Zucker again. November was another okay month, though super busy attending this and that, a friend from high school got married this month. December was also a busy month, I'm so booked that I need to schedule all my ganaps 2 weeks in advance. But one of a constant December ganap is the GK Volunteering Gift-giving ganap and this year we were able to go to 3 communities, super yay!

Just looking back on the past months gives me headaches.

For the past months, it's safe to say that I'm just winging it. I don't know how I did it, I'm just thankful I did. 

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