A letter for my friends, if I become toxic and no longer makes you a better person please do yourself a favor and cut me off

A letter for my friends

Dear friends, if I become toxic please cut me off.

A lot of us have seen people cutting off their toxic relationships for their own sake. Choosing and prioritizing yourself first is one of the biggest signs of moving forward.

In this post, I would like to tell and ask my friends to cut me off if they think I no longer make them better.

We are aging and part of aging means growing up. We have to grow up and sometimes it also means leaving the people around us so we can grow separately.

When I say cut me off, I mean it. Do it, I won’t mind.

If I no longer make you feel better, if I no longer inspires you, if I no longer make you do the things you love, then by all means walk away from me.

Remember that I can only be an effective comfort zone for a certain period of time, and if I no longer have the power to make you have that push or reach that goal then what’s the reason of me staying?

If walking away means growth and giving you a better chance in life then I am running away, fast.

If I am a true friend, which I want to think I am, then it only means that I want the best for you, and being a hindrance to your growth is something I cannot let myself happen. I want the best for you.

We often hear them say the line 'tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are'.

And if someone asks me who my friends are, I want to give them your name.

I want them to know that my friends are strong enough to know what they want and deserve. I want them to know that my friends won’t settle for less. And I want you to be just like that and more.

Letting go is not easy but if you ask why it seems so easy for me to let go of my friends, I'll share with you my realization.

I realized that the cancel/cutting of relationship culture is not enough. Sometimes realizing that you no longer contribute to one’s success speaks more volume than cutting toxic people off.

I think cutting off people is a sign of moving forward but realizing that you have to run away because of you are no longer bettering someone is a sign of maturity.

It doesn’t matter who cuts your friendship first, what matters is that at the end of the day you will both grow. Unfortunately, separately, but there's growth regardless of the circumstances.

Remember that the only path I want you to see you go is towards success, and I believe that’s where we both want to end up so don’t worry, we’ll meet again.

Running away doesn’t mean we can no longer be friends, it only means that we are letting ourselves grow the way we have to with the people who can better us.

Just always remember that even though I’m not there for you, I’ll always support you and I will always root for you. It doesn’t matter how just know that I am rooting for you.

Just because of the reason that we no longer better each other doesn't mean that we have to invalidate our previous growth and it doesn’t mean we have to separate in a negative manner.

Pretend that we are in the 1980s. At a certain period of time, we'll separate and we won’t be able to communicate that much but upon meeting, we’ll click just like the old time.

I’m running away if it means growth not just for me but for you as well, I hope you are running towards success too.

See you at the finish line…or maybe at the 2nd or 3rd lapse? It doesn't matter, we’ll see each other again.

Let me be a better person so I can be a better friend for you. Let's all be a better person.

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