Where Am I Now: A Year Post-Graduation Life Update

Yes, it has been a year since I graduated from college. And it may have been so long ago, but for me it’s seems like just yesterday. I remember how unpredictable the weather that week- it is sometimes superhot that when the day of the graduation came my makeup almost melted totally and the fact that we have to line up under the scorching heat, but there are times where rain poured so hard.

My peg was to really look classy so I got my hair on a low bun, red lipstick, and an ankle-length moss green dress with v-shape back that was made by my Lola. Thankfully I didn’t went through the troubles of searching for something to wear on my grad because Lola is a dressmaker (but she’s too old that she don’t do business stuff anymore) and at the same time I had the chance to choose a design for me, super win.

So enough of the trip down the memory lane, where am I now?

The past 12 months has never been easy. I had to fight many battles, mostly personal and professional and I’m thankful that I had my friends with me. We have our own battles but it’s more bearable to know that we have backups when we hit setbacks.

Today, I went out with friends and yesterday I met with my HS friends and it was a bliss. I can’t remember the last time I lost count of the time because I was playing arcade. After a while, I realize something. I realize that I might get lost in the future but the people around me will be my anchor and that the happiness they give will keep me afloat and safe. They’ll save me without knowing it and without asking for anything in return. I realized that sometimes you don’t need someone who can listen to your story especially if you can’t even figure out how to tell it, what’s important is that you know that there is someone out there for you who can make you laugh and remind you what happiness feels like.

It’s sick how I know some people who suffer losses, setbacks, and disappointments over the span of year when they didn’t deserve it. People whom I think are pure awesome and great started doubting their selves as if they have been a failure when all that they have become is a strong-challenged human being.

On a social media app someone ask me about my insecurities and to be honest I don’t know how to answer it without looking kawawa so I had to go with a movie line that somehow relates to me. Pressure. It was just later on that I realized how to use pressure and expectations as a weapon of strength. And up until now I still haven’t mastered it yet but I’m working on it. I’m trying and I’ll keep on trying.

The funny thing is people keeps on thanking me for having there by their side and for sticking when they don’t have anything to thank to. It has been a very challenging year for emotional battles and I am grateful too that they chose me to be there when they are having battles, I appreciate that I got to be an anchor and a breather in this suffocating life but I’m also grateful with them because I get to be free and contented. And that they made me feel special and important when times and challenges made me think otherwise.

Just like what I said on my previous post, I don’t have life figured out and it’s fine because we still have a lot to do and create. I’m now working in an administrative post and do writing as a breather but we can never know what life has to offer until we fully jump on it.

And I say ‘you jump, I jump’. ( movie reference again haha )

-Post intended for June 2018 posting


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