What word will best suit you?

What word do you think will suit you best?

Ang lakas maka-tanong sa mga pageant pero have you think about it though? I mean think as in deep-inside deep, yung walang echos at ka-plastikan? For sure, everyone wants to be pretty, sexy, intelligent, and whatnots and that’s okay. I’ll be lying if I told you I haven’t dream being a ‘queen bee’ or whatever you call it kasi I did and everyone wants to be beautiful naman diba?

There is still a small percentage in me that hopes to be head-turner pretty but my introvert-self drags her in the back of my head almost every time so in the end laging nanalo yung introvert side of me (and it’s so meh).

There are a lot of adjectives that can be use to describe things, events, and people but how about you? How will you describe yourself?

To be honest I forgot how I ended up writing this topic, an idea just popped on my head to write about aesthetics that I often see on the internet.

I don’t know about you guys but opening and lingering on Instagram for too long is a little bit depressing for me some times. It seems like everybody had their lives figured out! It’s so pretty in there that I almost often question myself how on Earth am I doing with my life and how I’m being left behind.

In the upper corner I see my following’s daily adventures while mine stays empty. I feel like I’m on a time loop where I do things repeatedly, boring.

I honestly think that there is nothing pretty going on in my life, aesthetically speaking or not.

To be fair, I admit that I’m also at fault because I’m too lazy to update my social media accounts sometimes.

And although the vain part of me wishes an improved physical aesthetics, the majority of me want something else.

Even though most people revolves their life on the virtual world now, I still can’t make myself speed up to join them because I wanted something else.

Something that can be measured not by how little your pores are or how perfect your brows have been plucked but rather on the ability to be resilient.

I don’t think it’ll suit me just yet but I wish and hope that people will see me as such. That when someone says my name the first thing they’ll remember is not how pretty my face is or how my hair looks perfect even if it’s undone, maybe an afterthought will be nice tho. Hahahaha

I want to be labeled as strong.

Some might think that I am strong now and some even told me how I intimidate (but I don’t believe this) people of my life’s standing but behind all of this outer hard shell is a frightened lady.

I’m pretty brave and risky but don’t let it played you because everyone is brave and strong, it’s not just me. Some are even braver than me.

And sometimes my ‘pretty brave’ becomes ‘pretty grave’ because of my actions which lead me to unfavorable state.

I use my strength for me to not be dragged by society’s standard and my vainness hope to be an IG-worthy people. Pretty, flawless, and happy.

Well, I just have to ask.

People, how do you do it? I know life is pretty awful sometimes but you sure have it all laid out perfectly fine.

On fleek brows, perfect partners, happy, spontaneous travels, and high end products.

I haven’t seen a single person post how miserable their lives are, well except for writers and poets with their captions, you all have this perfectly grown feed and it’s so pretty!

I know that there is a little chance for me to be like that.

And that’s the reason why I wanted to be known as strong.

I want to be strong because I know life can get ugly and unbearable. I know it can make me do things unconsciously just for the hype of it. I know that I might break.

I want to be a strong woman.

I want people to know me as this strong person who may not have paved the runways or stages but can crawl through the darkest and muddiest phase of life for dear life. I want to be this strong person and say that everyone can be as strong as I am or even stronger.

I want to be this strong person that people can look up to when aesthetic failed them. When prettiness is too much to bear, when it already engulfs them away from safety, and when pretty becomes pretty ugly.

I want to be strong so that I can lend some strength to those who needs it.

I wasn’t born to be pretty.

And I might not have been born strong but I will be, I have to be.

I’ll try to be.

There’s nothing wrong with loving who you are ‘cause it made you perfect. (Virtual high five for those who got it)

But seriously, wanting to be beautiful is not a crime. Some are born with natural pretty face and you have to embrace it. Claim it. I won’t pretty-shame you just because you are that IG people I’m not getting. It’s just so wrong.

One thing I realized is that people becomes prettier when they love the skin they’re in. If you love the person you are becoming to be then that’ll make you pretty but before you can love your skin it’ll take you a leap of courage and strength to do so.

So to all the people out there, let’s all be pretty strong. Pretty or pretty not.

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  1. I would like to describe myself as ambiguous, but really I'm just confusing.

    Mi รจ piaciuto il tema.
    Grande amore.