I want to hear from you. Yes, you!

I haven’t told anyone about this but I enrolled myself on an online course on business writing. I know it is on business but learning is learning so who am I to be picky right? While reading the introduction of the course a line on what is the first thing to consider before writing struck me, and it turns out to be the opposite of how I am writing!

If you’ve been following me since Day 1 (which I know is impossible because I have my stats on my former blog and it’s zilch hahahaha) then you know that I first started a blog because I wanted to vent out my opinions. But in the introduction it says that we should first think what the readers wanted to know.

Reader first

And then I realized how insensitive I’ve been. I know blogging and business writing are two different things but the things is I forgot to think of what my (hypothetical) readers wanted to know. It’s always about me, me, and me.

In my defense, I never thought I have a reader. I never had loyal visitors who read my thoughts, that’s how I developed this writing style, and I was okay with that. I actually get more foreign visits than locals and it’s overwhelming whenever people comment on my posts.

So to make it up for my insensitivity I want to incorporate my summer to-dos while hearing from you all.

If you are reading this please tell me what you wanted to know. Or even what you wanted me to do, try, or write.

You can comment down below and for anonymous request you can send it here:  https://goo.gl/forms/z7asbvpcnZowHG982

I’ll be waiting for your response and will try to do, try, and write it all this coming summer time.

Keep them coming! xx


  1. Write something about or maybe an advice on how to get over on someone you used to know. Hihi thanks! ♡

    1. Den, move on din kapag may time. HAHAHAHAHA Char *sinong nang-agaw?*

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