Have a face in this world full of trolls and bots

I fight people back. Well, not really fight-fight, but similar.

We always hear people cry for their freedom to express, their voice and opinions, demanding everyone to acknowledge it and protest behind their backs. And I know the importance of it all, but is it still freedom of expression or just another way to impress people by having a chance to express sentiments?

Just recently a news broke about the issue regarding a hotel banning bloggers on their premise, and while I knew a lot of 'bloggers' out there, actually following most of their pages, I notice that nobody seems to have a stand. Except Ate Trisha of P.S. I'm On My Way.

Again, I'm not here to tackle the issue because I honestly don't know the whole story, but I'm writing this to say that people should have a stand and stand with it when times gets rough.

It's actually funny since a lot of people identified themselves as 'bloggers', but when the news broke which ridicule their 'status', nobody seems to want to identify themselves as such.

Another example of using the excuse of having the freedom of expression is when trolls use secret file pages to post everything under the sun! Just a few hours ago I was bash for condemning a page for posting a confession from an unknown sender about his/her opinion regarding an issue of a young girl.

I questioned the page for posting without scanning the content of the confession, which bears (wait for it and hold for dear life) the complete name of the youngster. Yes. First name, second name, middle name, surname, you ask for it and that post has it. It's already wrong that the issue is still fresh and still receives a huge backlash but it's one more thing to disclosed it to public! Underage girl being attacked just because of a lapse on her judgement.

I condemn the page for having the power to influence with their huge amount of following but still do things for 'fun' and 'reach'.

Someone also said that I shouldn't blame the admins since they are not the one who made the confession. That's your logic? Yes, I know that the sender is behind that confession but the admin has the power to post it. Without them the post wouldn't have been posted and garnered 5.3k likes and reactions (as of writing). So no, the admins has something to do with it.

The funny thing is that the people who bash me were all hiding behind fake and dummy accounts! It's really funny how people hide behind fake accounts just to bash and defend their own opinions. They could have used their personal account, it would have given them some credibility, and I could have acknowledge them having a stand. But no, they hid.

There's a thin line between expressing and practicing your freedom to express and bashing.

People can and should respect other people's stand but sometimes unsolicited opinions are just unsolicited opinions, better keep personally so no harm can be done.

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