How my younger self can still talk sense to an aging human

So I know that there are a few who remember this but it is indeed my birthday. Yay.

I turned 21 and yet I still feel like a little girl. To be honest, I'm not one to parties and celebrations when it comes to birthday and I really don't know why, I'm actually more excited for Christmas than this. Don't judge. Haha

Three years ago, my 18-year old self did something and I can say that it's the bestest thing she did back then, together with some little things.

I wrote letters for my future self.

It's actually brilliant and it's one of the highlights of my special day every year.

I'm into letters and such and one Monday afternoon, and a couple of months before my 19th birthday, I wrote down bunch of letters and sealed them with plan to open them on my future birthdays.

Every year I waited every night of the 9th of January for the clock to tick to 12 midnight just so I can read the letter. And every time I do it a turbulence of emotion just keeps on coming.

I'm not really one to share but in celebration of this day I want to share to you a letter from my 18-year old self.

So without further ado, here's a letter of my 18-year old self for my 19th birthday.

"Dear 19-year-old Thet,

I'm writing this letter few months before you eventually turn 19. I know you're still young and shy but I hope that you're on your way to become the person you want to be.

You're a late bloomer but I know that it's all worth the wait. I hope you're braver and stronger now than me and that you're more ready to face the real world.

I wouldn't tell this to myself but I would tell this to you. You are smart, kind, beautiful, and a loving person even if the society don't see it. It's not your problem if they can't see those traits, because people do have their own criteria, but please believe in yourself. You can do it!

I hope you're ready now to conquer the world and to live life to the fullest. Do not let anyone tell you what to do with your life because it is yours to make and not theirs. And if you ever need me remember that I'm just within you and will never leave your side.

P.S. I hope you gain weight tho. Hahaha

Best regards,
Ma. Teresa Gueco, 18!

If you have a pen and a paper right now, what will you tell your future self?

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, THET! I LOVE YOU. And I hope you gain weight, too. :)