Why visiting and volunteering to Sitio Haduan bring unexplainable experience

Why visiting and volunteering to Sitio Haduan brings unexplainable experience

Sitio Haduan, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Fun fact, I had difficulty writing an intro for this because I wanted to put a disclaimer of some sort saying I’m not one of those mainstream volunteers who keeps on saying ‘it was great’ or ‘it was fun’ because honestly it’s 85% hard work, well at least for me.

Years ago I signed up on various volunteering groups online but never had the chance to join their activities since I live very far from them so the least I can do is do online volunteering with the use of social media and stuff like that. During those times I'm already blogging all the way from Tarlac so contributing thru writing, tweeting, sharing FB posts, and all of that is the least that all I can do to help.

Last year, I finally had the chance to really volunteer. Yay! I'm part of an organization (Para Sa Mga Bata-Team Hope) composed of different people from all walks of life which mainly comes from Tarlac Province. The organization believes not just in outreach programs but rather more on a sustainable growth of a community. And it was undescribable. Honestly, it’s not really great great. I’ll be lying if I say that I was 100% bliss because I’ve been happy and it was not what I felt during that activity, I was more contented than happy.

Don’t get me wrong, I had so much fun meeting new people and having the opportunity to do it with my friends but if I’ll be ask to choose a word to describe that experience it will be CONTENTMENT.
I chose the word contentment to describe it because I was transported to a whole new world where everything is so simple and real. I feel like I was a child once again, doing simple things.

We hike a steep side of a mountain just to reach their homes, cross a hanging bridge, and endure some muddy part of the mountain just to reach our destination. Is it worth it? Yes, it is and if I’ll be asked to do it again I’ll do it hundred times just to feel it again.

It’s not just us who brought happiness to the community living in Sitio Haduan, they also brought happiness to us. They let us feel and live a simple life even just for a day and it’s more than enough for me. I found new friends, renew some friendships, and help in some ways.

Opinion wise, I believe that helping others should not be all about giving gifts and showing that they are less fortunate than you are. It should be showing them that we are all equal.

I encourage everyone to help and volunteer but do it because you really want it and not for the likes and positive feedbacks you’ll get on virtual world. Remember that there are more things far more important than that, and that is the memory that you’ll instill to the community. The hope, lessons, and guidance that you can share.

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