Dear Vita, I'm thankful but pressured

CASS kamiiii (3rd or 4th year?)

Dear Vita,

When I was on my junior year in college I didn’t get it why people, graduating students to be exact, construct and make long posts. Is it to brag? To remind their families and relatives they are finishing college? Or is it just because for the mere number of likes they’ll get? Honestly, at that time, it feels like they are bragging and I cringe and at times, roll my eyes whenever I see graduation post.

But senior year came and I now understand them. It was different. Our junior year was probably the most energy consuming year because most of our school requirements were project based plus other classroom discussion and exams. We only had 9 units in our second semester in senior year but unlike junior year, there’s no do over here. Time will always be a factor, we were running to polish every unfinished business to be able to march and get our diplomas and there’s no room for failing or incomplete grades because there is no next semester (if you don’t want to be graduating late) to cope up with your failings.

While I now understand them, I still did not changed my profile picture with long post of my journey yet (I don’t know if I will), although I uploaded group pictures of family and friends during the ceremony with a long message to thank all the people I want to thank because they deserved it.

I honestly don’t consider myself inspirational and my journey is less adventurous than the others. Yes I graduated as Cum Laude but I didn’t have extraordinary life adventure. I study, joined different organizations, serve as a student leader, joined the college publication (got accepted on my third attempt tho), and study. That’s it. Not novella worthy story. But one thing I want to say is, if you really want something then go for it, do not live your life regretting why you didn’t even tried or wondering about the what ifs you’ll have.

Whether you graduated with awards or not being entitled with a diploma is something we all must be proud of. We were all students, we experienced the same dilemmas, studied for an examination, had sleepless nights, got caffeinated more than necessary to stay on the game, had our breakdowns, got angry at someone, and even did some bad stuff throughout college and that is okay. Believe me when I say that graduating without an award is something you should still be proud of. Of course there are incentives accompanied with the awards but trust me, it is not always about the perks.

For me, Cum Laude is just a title. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond happy that I graduated with an award, I prayed for it every time I say my prayers be it on church during Sunday mass service or just ordinary prayer, but it also has some burden.

People expect great things from me as if I can move the sun to rise in the west. They’ll see you differently as if you can be Moises who can part the sea. They thought that this award can give me an easy pass to have a good career path but I doubt it.

Hundred thousand, if not millions, are still unemployed so how on earth will a company still choose me? In this life everything is fair since life is unfair to everyone so all you have to do is pick up your baggage and start sashaying towards your goal and stand up whenever you fall.

“Life is a race” That’s what Professor Virus from 3 Idiots said. So it doesn’t really matter what awards and recognitions you get as long as you are racing forward.

Ma.Teresa M. Gueco
Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Batch 2017

CUM LAUDE UNEMPLOYED(as of August 2017)

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