Minimalist PH 101: Gift ideas for minimalist

This is your gift-guide for every minimalist.

Here is a gift ideas for minimalist friends and family.

When I first transitioned to becoming a minimalist, I remember very clearly how hard it was for me whenever some special gatherings happen- especially the Christmas season.

The Christmas season is very big here in the Philippines. Whenever Ber month is up, Pinoys are already planning their gifts, decors, and parties ahead because in their dictionary Christmas season starts as early as September 1. And when we say Filipinos take their Christmas seriously, we really mean it.

Contrary to other beliefs, minimalists don't hate getting or giving gifts, what they don't like is getting things that are not beneficial to them or hinders their zen. All minimalist love gifts, the gesture, and the thoughtfulness of it all. What they don't like is the emptiness of the item once it becomes stale.

In the end, most of the gifts they get usually ends up taking space.

Most minimalist often had difficulty throwing out things that are given to them as a gift. The attachment and memories it has are what holds them back from throwing or donating it out, the guilt is unbearable too sometimes. So despite their lack of use, we let them stay.

Minimalists are the toughest crowd to give gifts to.

A lot of you might be wondering or having difficulty buying minimalist gifts for your minimalist friends, relatives, or loved ones. It can be really hard because nobody wants their hard-earn money to be wasted and end up unappreciated!

In this post, I'll share with you some fool-proof tips on buying minimalist gifts for friends, family, and loved ones.

But before anything else, you have to know some stuff about the person, do not come empty-handed because you'll be needing those facts! Ask or observe their hobbies and interests. Do they like to work out? Are they fond of outdoor activities? What do they do during free time, any hobbies?

Those facts are important so you'll be able to give your minimalist gifts a personal touch of some sort.

Personally, I feel like this is the most underrated gift for minimalist and zero-waste lifestyle advocates. A lot of home devices use batteries and only a few people know, and even do, the proper disposal of their old batteries! Batteries are harmful especially when incorrectly disposed, aside from the fact that it can cause explosions there are environmental and health issues to be concerned of since it contains lead, lithium, cadmium, and mercury. (Will write a separate blog post on how to dispose of batteries.)

To be honest this is one of the best and practical gifts you can give to a minimalist.

Aside from hassle-free thinking, the recipient will most likely be able to use it for their personal goal and/or can be used by the recipient for future or emergency use. Monetary kind of gift will never go out of style.

This is very practical and can be given as an aguinaldo.

This is very in today since a lot of entertainment subscriptions are out there. If you are a minimalist, it doesn't mean that you have to cut back the things that you enjoy. Spending money on the things you love doesn't defy the rules of minimalism, there's actually no concrete rules here.

Personally, I splurge on music. Every day I listen to music so I cannot let go of my Spotify Subscription although I cut my Netflix since I don't watch that much anymore than I used to.

So with that being said, it is better to give entertainment subscription cards just for the sake of being safe and practical. Well, as I've said it is important to know the person you are giving gifts to. If they feel happy with a specific gadget or wanted an upcoming device, then support them and tell them you are intentionally buying gifts for them.

Entertainment gift cards like Netflix Gift Cards, Spotify Gift Cards, and Game Gifts Cards are definitely the safest way to go!

So you might have a minimalist friend who is inclined to adventures and experiences. In that case, leisure adventure tickets and gift cards are your best friend.

For adventures, you can check these following sites: Metrodeal, Manila Ocean Park, Mind Museum, and The Dessert Museum.

The most important thing to remember is to know the person you will gift to. 

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