Dear Vita, as a woman I am biased when it comes to issues regarding women’s rights. But that's not me just being emotional.


Dear Vita, I am biased

Dear Vita,

As a woman, I am biased when it comes to issues regarding women’s rights.

As a woman, I am angered by the fact that our rights seem to be a fleeting sash to appease people. For them to say that we are empowered only to face mediocre stereotypes that will eventually put us in a box where people can judge us. We are already in the 21st century, come on people. 

I have opinions and personal beliefs that can revoke my cultural norms card but it is what it is.

I am pro-divorce, I am pro-choice, and most importantly, I am a firm believer that consent is as legally binding as a signature, and that NO means NO.

Yes, I came from a normal family, and despite all the drama and hardships that my parents went through in raising us, they lovingly and faithfully stayed together without major drama. So some might ask, why are you pro-divorce? Don’t you want other people to experience the same support system that you had? You came from a complete family, what's your issue?

Of course, I do want the future generation to live a complete and ideal family. I want every child to experience the holidays and other celebrations that they can with their families. I want them to experience being mad and frustrated when they are not allowed to do stuff because their parents are strict. But more than a house, I want them to have a home they can run on to.

And you cannot fix what’s already broken and unfixable. 

Growing up with seven women in our household is a bit of a rollercoaster ride- crazy and loud to say the least.

I have four other siblings and we were raised equally since we’re all girls. We were taught household chores and we scheduled it for fairness and transparency.

Sure, we heard people tell our parents how ‘saying that they didn’t have a son but aside from that I didn’t feel the inequality of being a woman while growing up because my siblings and I were raised to beat each other (sometimes literally lol) not because we have to compensate the difference of our reproductive organs but more on our individualities and capabilities.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to deal with a brother who doesn’t need to wash the dishes or do his laundry just because he doesn’t have a vagina and because he is a man. All is fair with us.

As I’ve said, it’s been a rollercoaster ride because we might not feel bothered about the difference between a man and a woman, but we know the struggles of being a woman.

We have curfews, we are not allowed to have sleepovers, we have to inform our parents of our whereabouts, we have to be vigilant and do the safety precautions or what our Mama labelled as our ‘SOP’ whenever we ride a public vehicle like a tricycle alone. Only ride with a body number, get the plate number. Send the details. 

As a woman, I feel the need to cover up not because I feel exposed but because I loathe the lingering stares and the unwelcome attention.

In times where a lot can be said against a woman, why shy away if you can get away with it, right?

When all that is left to do is to give off sexist remarks as a rebuttal to a well-thought statement, why not make it sting right?

When women cry for equality and justice, they shrug us off because apparently women are too emotional. Must be the hormone eh?

But remember this, only a weak man fears a powerful woman.

It takes a lot of respect and swallowing of pride to recognize a woman's worth and achievements. 

Girls, we are not someone's toy. We are as capable as any human being. We are more than just a baby factory, heck conceiving doesn't define us. We are different individuals with different purposes in life.

We're almost done with the pandemic, now let's end the overdue battle against women.

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