I first discover Andy Polk on Jeremy Zucker’s Instagram story since he often shares his music recommendations there.


To be honest I am one of those people who cannot, for the love of all the higher-ups, go on with her day without music. I just can’t and sometimes I feel incomplete whenever I don’t have my earphones with me, it belongs to my non-negotiable must-have of every trip.


Can you imagine a life without music? I don’t think that’s possible. Even in the film industry silent films still use sounds to portray and execute the story they wanted to tell, and probably one of the greatest examples of this kind of film is the award-winning silent film movie entitled A Quiet Place from Paramount Pictures production.


As cliché as it may sound, music has really been one of the reasons why we live and connect. It has been with us ages and had traversed and survived different eras while evolving its style.


Today, we are blessed with a lot of talented artists who are brave enough to pursue music that is rebelling the mainstream. We should be thankful that a lot of platforms are already at the disposal of a striving musician, producers, and songwriters. In a snap of their fingers they can upload originals and covers that can reach millions of people. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and Soundcloud, those are just the common apps that we use but for sure there are hundred more of the same kind.


One of my greatest music discovery is Andy Polk.


Andy Polk is an American singer/songwriter who currently released his EP entitled 27,84. The EP contains 8 songs in total which can be classified as electro-pop.


What I love about this EP is the lyrics together with bop rhythm. To be honest this EP kinda feel personal and raw that sometimes I feel like I’m trespassing his personal space but I’m also thankful at the same time because the lyrics speak to me in some levels.


I love how deep and raw the lyrics are and how he’s able to lift the mood of the song by making it upbeat, he was also able to keep the emotions intact using the stress in his voice.


This EP feels like his life’s reel, he opened up real big. It’s very personal yet universal. The way he pours his mind makes you feel like it is your own thoughts. His songs are creatively written the same as the way we think.


I got caught by Andy Polk’s EP 27,84 because of how it is poetically written minus the common rhythm and language most artists use right now. I love how it is upbeat but at the same time not sounding trying hard.



On Andy Polk’s previous EP Anyway, you will notice that it’s more about relationships and the likes. At some point we can say that it is personal as well but in a different field of being personal. This EP Anyway, feels like more about outside relationships of a person.


On the other hand, Andy Polk’s 27,84 EP feels like a journal- his diary poured and coated with rhythm. This EP is more about his relationship with his self and how outside relationship affects him. In this EP he talked about getting lost, the anxiety of getting old, meeting other people, and getting his heartbroken.


To be honest every song on Andy Polk’s 27,84 EP is relatable, I love everyone of it.


I relate to I/Keep/getting/l0st..Oo (that's how the title is spelled and stylized) because there are times where you will feel defeated, lost, and feel like giving up. This is very us, the millennial, and how we cope with adulthood. The song is like a transition of a floating thought which came from nowhere. Like the thoughts you have whenever you are traveling in a bus looking out the window, it’s fleeting and comes fast and goes away the same way it comes.


Wait’ is a good one as well. The society keeps on telling us that we should wait for our time, but sometimes we just can’t help but question when it’ll come to us. When are we going to have our own time? Or is there really a perfect timing for everything? This song question a lot of things around us, love, trust, belief, and other stuff.


Twenty Three is my favorite because I am nearing my 23rd birthday when I first heard it and I realized that the lyrics of it are the thoughts that I never knew existed but are actually inside of my mind. The indecisiveness, anxiety, fear, disappointment, and hope are all there. And that’s how I feel when I realized I am nearing my 23rd.


 I feel like I still have things to see, do, and say. I am dreading the time of my birthday because I feel like people eyes me and have questions that I don’t want to answer and I feel like my birthday should be just a regular day. I don’t want to be alone but I don’t want to be with people who will only ask questions I’m not ready to hear or answer. That’s the reason why it is my favorite song from Andy Polk’s 27,84 EP


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