Minimalist PH 101: Minimalist wardrobe featuring Project 333 Challenge

Minimalist PH wardrobe

Today I'm sharing my minimalist wardrobe since I’ve written in my previous blog post that I will be taking the minimalist challenge entitled Project 333 this year and here it is.

Being a minimalist here in the Philippines is hard, a lot of people can't grasp the idea of this lifestyle and often times ask why I do it. To be honest, sometimes it gets tiring to answer such a question so I just shrug them off and just let them watch me.

What's funny is that they are the ones who are suffering whenever they see me do Minimalism Challenges as if they are the ones taking part in it, like ger away from my minimalist wardrobe.

This year, I decided to take on the Project 333 since purging clothes was not enough for me. But I realized that I'm still not contented with my minimalist wardrobe, I had so many clothes and I started purging using Konmari Method last year and it's not enough. The method really helps me and then I ended up wanting more of the feeling. More of less.

My goal last year is to lessen my belongings and have an empty corner, my goal this year is to let go of anything that I no longer use- minimalist wardrobe purge everyone! Last year while using Konmari Method I was able to identify the things that spark joy and then I realized that some of the things that spark joy wasn’t even that useful, yes they give me joy but I rarely use them.

So this year I intentionally become more strict with my minimalist wardrobe and about other things that I have. I decided to only leave the things that I really use and at the same time spark joy to me.

To start the challenge we have to set the rules.

All clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes count towards your number. Exceptions include wedding rings, underwear, sleepwear, in-home loungewear, and workout clothing. 


I was confident when I saw that accessories, pieces of jewelry, and shoes were counted in the 33 items since I don't usually use accessory and I only have one footwear per occasion (casual/exercise, office wear, and event/gathering) so it will not be that hard for me.

Since I am a sentimental human being so I decided to use the invisible box method while doing this. When I was done purging the stack of clothing that I have, I gather those pile that I cannot part with but don't use that often and I sealed them inside a cardboard box. Choosing only 33 pieces of clothing for my minimalist wardrobe is super hard for me because I really am a fashionista wannabe. I enjoy dressing up even though I always end up with my comfy clothes. I even had to let go, or at least put them inside the box, some of my beloved clothing pieces that I am really fond of because I don’t think I’ll be able to use them that frequent, hence the decision to forego them.


Actually the mid-way process was easier than starting this whole challenge. I think it’s the fact that my chosen pieces were my comfy and go-to outfits so I am most comfortable with them. Most of my 33 pieces of clothing for my minimalist wardrobe are in the monochrome spectrum and I have 3 hoodies that I really enjoy, and the slacks were super helpful too.

When I started this challenge I was just about to return to work after 2 weeks of me being sick which required me to wear long sleeves tops for the following weeks, it was hard but I survived it.


To be honest I only have pros as end results for this.

It actually made getting really a lot easier for me. Looking back, I always spend more than half an hour to choose what to wear every single time but now I can say that having limited pieces of clothing is not a limit at all. Second, the amount of my laundry decreased and I am not complaining although I have to do my laundry every week since I will definitely run out of clothes to wear if I let them stay in the bin that long.

1. In choosing the 33 pieces of your minimalist wardrobe make sure that it is something you are comfortable and that you really use them frequently.
2. Make sure that you have at least one kind of item that can be used on different occasions.
3. Plain pieces will always be a safe choice and it’s great for mixing your clothes.
4. Add simple accessories that will hype you up.

In conclusion, I think this is something you need to try to further your learnings and experiences.