Dear Vita, you deserve all the good things in life

Life blogger Teresa Gueco advice on life

Dear Vita, this is to remind yourself that you deserve all the good things despite feeling otherwise; despite people telling you otherwise.

This is for being out there, this is for trying, this is for failing, and most importantly this is for not giving up on your dreams.

You may be weak now but no strong human being started out strong, it is a process.

A Progress you have to be proud of.

You deserve the things you have and have experienced. Don't let people tell you otherwise, don't believe them.

Don't let people ruin your happiness- your happiness is not like ammunition to be used against you.

Don't feel bad because you are happy, or because you've been happy. You don't owe anyone your happiness, you owe it to yourself. ❤️

Love, TG.

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