Your views and opinions will change, but that does not invalidate your old self.

“To acquire a position that is relevant and will help me hone my skills in the field of multimedia, communication, and journalism, and to be able to expand my experience through various trainings that will help me grow as an individual.”

That, my friend, is my objective written on my outdated resumé that I decided to update recently.
For the past years I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in multimedia and communication. I am fond of the entertainment industry that I once dream to work with Aamir Khan (his films are just so good and I’ve been crushing on him for the longest time haha) under his production company not just because of his good looks or his acting skills but also because of his film stories and concepts. I wanted to contribute and be part of a project that is not just milking money from the audience but also giving awareness while entertaining the masses.

I want to have a cause.

During college I somehow forgotten my wishful and highly quest to work with Khan and just focus on how to survive the program I went into, but I know that I still wanted to be part of the entertainment industry. I know the spark is still there.

Looking back, it’s all a blur now because of too much dramas and activities. I’m not sure when the fire started to diminish, I just know that I’m not that eager compare to my younger self anymore.
I know that I still want to be part of multimedia and communication when I reach the finish line of my tertiary education by default, but I have to be practical for the sake of my pressured younger self.
I always knew that it’ll be hard, but it was harder when you feel like there’s a mental time bomb that you have to detonate by means of choosing the path you have to take the soonest possible as to not let the building explode into tiny bits.

So I choose, and I chose a calmer environment.

There’s nothing wrong with a calm environment, it’s actually good, but if you’ve been faced with a fast phased setting that you have been calling your comfort zone; living a calm and serene environment is really not that comfortable, at least at the start.

Did I regret my decision? No. I didn’t regret my decision that led me to where I am right now, I just hope I did more. I knew I could have done more at the same time, a lesson I have to keep reminding myself.

In a span of more than a year, I realized so many things. I combat personal trials and challenges that made me weak and strong at the same time because I rise above them. I learned.

I learn that there’s so much more to learn, there so much thing to do, so many people to know about. So many problems we have to face.

In journalism we often hear the line ‘There’s two side of a story’ and in layman’s there is the ‘there are two side of a coin’. But how about the edge of the coin, the part that combine the two side that we often neglect because we keep our focus on the head and tail? How about the third person point-of-view of a story? The bigger picture POVs?

If there’s a line our Introduction to Communication class taught me it is that, Mass Media is pervasive. It’s not just because the word pervasive caught my attention because it’s new to me back then but also because of that realization that it is really pervasive as per discussion.

I may not be part of an entertainment company or work under Aamir Khan’s company right now, but I write. I still write and I’ll keep writing, that’s still part of mass media.

I share things and thoughts that I know not all can relate to and understand but what’s important for me is that I’m still writing. I’m still trying to have a cause despite my grammatical imperfections and errors.

This might not what my younger self envisions her to be at but she’ll understand.

I realize that this is not me failing to fulfill my younger self’s vision. This is not a failure. This is me knowing that there’s a reason and knowing that if I’ll label this as a failure it is still the younger self that’s talking and that means I haven’t grown up. But if I say that my younger self has been wrong to dream then my current self haven’t learned a lesson either.

If I invalidate my younger self opinions, views, and dreams then my current self will be invalidated as well. Just because you change your stand doesn’t mean you’e wrong, you just knew something new and realize things. You grew up.

We often hear the saying ‘think outside the box’ but why do we have to box ourselves in the first place? There’s no box that limits us, only a storage that we must carry to fill with learnings and experience.

And my learnings from the past year can be summed up with my updated resumé objective which I’ll leave as a parting message.

To acquire a position that is relevant not just in my field of study and expertise but also to my journey as a young adult individual which will help me achieve my dreams to further my learnings in various fields that is not limited to communication, multimedia, and journalism.”