Life in a bullet: 2020 Update (Fallen people, Insurance, Financial Planner, iPad, and more)

Minimalist Blogger Teresa Gueco as financial planner, buying decisions, etc.

So we meet again.

If you’ve been following me for years, hi to the few old ones, you know that I have this series from my previous blog entitled “Life in a bullet’ wherein I write statuses, comments, and updates about my life in a bullet form and it’s been a while since I last did that, it’s actually almost a year ago when I did my last life in a bullet post.

A lot happened in a short period and when I mean a lot, it is a lot. So to further this post, may I present to you my thoughts and updates in bullet form.

  • I talked about this on my previous post and tweeted this- I kinda predicted being quarantine for the most of 2020 when I welcomed the year being sick and isolated because I had chickenpox. You know how the elder says that the way you start your year will define how your whole year will be, so I guess it’s partly true for me.

  • I created a separate IG handle for my blog and it’s under the handle shesaidgoforit. I created it because I want to post freely. I want to be invincible and do the things I want to do, hence the decision to neither plug nor promote it on my social media accounts. I didn’t follow my friends as well because I don’t like to make them feel like they are required to follow the account back. I just want a space purely for the blog. I want to post without judgment. That’s why I was shocked when Maureen, a friend of mine who is currently studying overseas, discovered it. Well, it’s not that she doesn’t know any of my deepest darkest fears so it’s okay. 

  • A lot of good people passed away. From international celebs like Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, and Chadwick Boseman, to local artists like vloggers Emman Nimedez and Lloyd Cafe Cadena. It was devastating. Kween LC’s passing hits different to me because I’ve been a fan since 2011, I was able to meet him once in a book signing years ago and kept a crumpled ball of tissue that he throws at us as a joke. He’s a good human being and I admire him more for that. He’s been vlogging since 2010 but never did he show extravagance, he just keeps on giving. Other known vloggers already have their own houses after a few years of vlogging but he stayed in their simple neighborhood and continuously do charitable works and donation drives. He’s a pure heart.

  • I finally availed a life insurance! This is a win for me because I’ve been meaning to get one last year but I’m still not ready so this little win is a victory. But let’s stop the notion that people who have life insurance are rich, please I’m not rich. I just want to prepare my future and my family. So that in the event of unfortunate events that might happen to me, I’m confident to know that I can face it.

  • And after a month of having a policy, I was now a Financial Advisor! My family knows how ‘kuripot’ and ‘wais’ I am when it comes to money so the news is not a shocker for them. They are fully aware of my obsession with saving even though I get easily sidetracked by food. I decided to be a Financial Advisor not just to have a side gig but also because I want people to realize the importance of savings and investments. I want them to invest in their future to have a brighter future.

  • This one is not an update but more of an accountability clause so that I’ll have the push to pull it off. So yeah, I want to establish a business and I want an eco-friendly one so I’m thinking zero-waste items such as shampoo bars, soaps, and bamboo toothbrush, and some other zero-waste switch like washable sanitary napkins. So let’s put this here and see, please support me.

  • So another thing which is in between an update and accountability clause is that I want to invest in an iPad. So last year I told myself that I’ll switch to a MacBook laptop but pandemic happened and my savings were used and I decided to postpone it since the economy is still not good. Lately, I thought about getting an iPad instead of switching to a MacBook laptop. My thinking process involve with the fact that I still have a working laptop with a decent spec and the only problem is the housing because it’s crispy and has cracks already. I decided to just get an iPad since it’s very convenient when it comes to portability and power. I ask people around like Ate Bee who recently bought one and she told me that it’s convenient and can be used in freelancing. I am torn with iPad 7th gen or iPad Mini because a friend of mine pointed out how powerful the mini is- the only disadvantage is the screen size and it’s much more expensive. Thankfully, a friend told me that Apple will release a new iPad this year, and leaks of it have been told that the launch will be this September. Based on the videos and articles that I binge-read to know more about its feature, it’s really good and they said that the chip has been updated. So yeah, I’ll wait for the launch and see what upgrades Apple did to the budget iPad, and then I’ll decide, wow I talk as if I have money under my sheet. Hahaha 

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