Dear Vita, I hope you find something that keeps you inspired and going

Jeremy Zucker inspires a fan during his first Manila show for Karpos Live Mix 8

“Buti ka pa pa-concert concert ka na lang.” I’ve heard that line a couple of times already and what I found funny is the fact that I only attended two concert as of writing, LANY (Malibu Nights Tour) and Jeremy Zucker (Karpos Live Mix 8).

Yes, I am now able to attend events but that has nothing to do with how easy my life had been. I just want people to know that just because I am able doesn’t mean I had it easy.

Lany was my first ever concert and before the event I almost reach a rock bottom phase because of self-doubt, disappointment, and failures. I just had a year full of unfinished business and failed goals. I actually almost didn’t go because I was thinking of my Lola who just got discharge from the hospital a few weeks before the concert.

For Jeremy, I made some goal deliverables before I can buy my ticket. I tripled my usual goal and I had sleepless night just to make ends meet. I go to work then take an hour or two of overtime and then I go home with a bag full of paper works that I need to check once I settled in. I had a couple of weeks working my ass off and having 3-4 hours of sleep to endure a full work shift.

Saying ‘buti ka pa-concert concert ka na lang eh ako…’ in a belittling way as if you were saying I had it easy is not okay, I take offense especially when you compare your life. I know that life is not easy for you but please don’t put it in a way where I need to feel guilty about something. I won’t say it but I hate it. I respect your pain and I ask for you to do the same for me.

These artists, they are the ones who lifted me up when I hit my (almost) rock bottom. They are the ones who didn’t leave my side when I can’t even ask for someone. They were there without being really there and I’m beyond grateful for that.

To be honest this is not a hate post. This is me telling you that I hope you find your passion, hobby, or artist that will make you do things. That will tear away your inhibition just to achieve what you wanted. Who will give some light and make you a better person.

I hope you find an artist who can make you get out of your box, the one who can make you so determined just for you to see them. The one who can make you tweet and RT endless promotion tweets just to get a Meet and Greet passes without thinking how other perceives you.

I hope you find a hobby that will push you to be a productive human being. The one that can make you throw all your self-doubt and focus on how to be better at what you want to do.

I hope you find something that you can get hope from. That despite having a rough time something good is still inside of you.

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