Lost letters: Happy 2nd grad anniversary to you!

Life blogger Teresa Gueco wrote a letter to a graduates

So you are writing this on your 1st gradniversary, how time flies so fast. Remember when you had to break the news with your parents about having an award? Yeah, total epic because you were scolded for coming home late even though your classes are over for weeks already. You immediately interfere further lengthy discussion with “Cum Laude ako.” Dude, epic. Hahaha you were actually planning until you finish completing requirements before you announce it but hell yeah, desperate time calls for desperate measures.

To be honest, I don’t know where my life is going to take me and I hope whatever decision I make will benefit you because I only want the best for us because it’s gonna be just us who’ll have control with the future. I really understand why you opted not to broadcast to the whole world about your award, it’s not that you are not proud but more because you are afraid of the pressure it has.

You tell people that somewhere along the way you strive and decided to do what you want to do because you wanted it, hence the award because you loved it. And I think that’s one factor why you wanted to be low key about it, you don’t have the need to broadcast it because you did it for yourself and you also wanted to get the full credit (lol). 

Sometimes I wonder how I did it, the studying but more on the after grad world. The world is an ugly-confidence-sucking place and yet I’m here faking bravery like it’s nothing. 

Cease the moment. Say yes to every opportunity. Bring the idealist and brave soul in you and just do it. Fear will not get you nowhere. I love you, I really do and I hope you are proud of your younger self.

-June 16, 2018 

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