Life advice and how to use weakness as strength

Life blogger from Tarlac advice on life and how to use weakness as your strength
Teresa Gueco at Maria Cristina Park, Tarlac City

They say that there will come a time in a relationship where the thing you adore in your partner will be the reason of your quarrels. That the traits that first draw you to your partner will tick you. You might like a person for being mysterious or chatty but there will come a time where it will drive you nuts. Of course, I don’t have personal proof to validate that but if you will see it from a different perspective I think it is true.

When I was still studying people keep asking me what path I will take, what type of career my program will lead me, and where will I be after I graduate. During those times I confidently say that I can be anywhere since communication is pervasive. Our Profs did tell us we can be in any field we want to be, we can be in the field of media, advertising, marketing, or even sales!

It is our strength. We honed ourselves to be the best in different fields.

I remember a conversation I had with a friend when the topic about mastery came up, we share our own sentiments and he shared an instance during a job interview, it was asked what we major in our program.

To cut it short, my friend answers what we have thought is the answer. He told the interviewee that there is no specific major in the program we took, we learn and tackle all of them! He thought it is a great answer until he heard the rebuttal line ‘So you are a Jack of all trades, master to none?’

Maybe that’s the reason why I went on a phase of confusion. We don’t have a concrete path that we know we can be part of. If you took education the next thing you have to do is take your licensure exam and be the educator that you wanted to be. If you took a business course the next thing you need to do is look for a job that is related to finance and accounting or start your own business. Of course people who graduated from those programs were not limited to one profession, but you know what I want to point out here. Unlike us, if you ask those who study under those programs, they’ll say specific career paths.

Eventually our strength became our weakness. We were lost and stuck with the realization that we could have been better but how? I know enough of the little things but how will I stand out?

Our then strength became our weakness. We were so diverse that we can’t decide where to go next. We have been put in a position wherein you have to choose between so many possibilities but despite all of them you still look and ended up being mediocre.

I once read a thread regarding how a relationship lasts and it's not because I’m looking for tips or something, it just so happen that a friend of mine found the thread fitting for him that time since he just got out of a relationship and so he shared it with us.

In the post, the one who penned it underwent life studies and stuff, a part of their study was to find out the reason for a lasting relationship. They were asked to interview people of different relationship statuses. They went and ask the reason how they last and why it lasted, is it love or choice. Upon asking it turns out that the majority of the people don’t consider pure love as the reason why they are still on a relationship. It’s not about the kilig or the love, it’s all about choosing to be in the relationship.

So where am I heading with this? What I want you to realize is that no matter how powerful or the lack thereof of your chances in life, the thing that will help you make it through is you. You accepting that life is full of crap and that it is not always rainbows and butterfly, you realizing that it is always up to you whether you consider your strength as a weakness or make your weakness as some field for you to improve.

If we let people make us doubt our strength then how can we grow? Yes, there will be times where you will question your capabilities and skills but don’t let it break you. You are more than that.

For years you face criticism and self-doubt, you fought in silence, cried when the light was off, you’ve been through a lot but please don’t quit. Are you going to quit now that you’ve been through all of that? You already suffered, gain something from it.

If they made you turn your strength as your weakness, then try and turn it back again as your strength.

And now, you will be stronger than before, wiser, and much more ready to face life. I’m rooting for you, even when you at your worst, know that I’m rooting for you.

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