What kind of thought stays and what gets shared

Life Blogger Teresa Gueco at Mt. Ulap

Not every thought of mine gets shared, some stay with me.

Life is a circus. Often than not we think we are just a mere spectator who lets the world unfold around us not realizing we might be the ones they are looking at.

Recently, I wonder how people do it- how those media influencers do the thing as it is. Sharing to anyone who cares the tiniest bits of their lives as if life has always been like that. How ironic, says the person who penned random thoughts on this site as if it’s always like that, right?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I slow down with the usage of social media, I only access my accounts during the days and when I get home I just disconnect myself on the virtual world man created which people think is a necessity now. Don’t get me wrong, I think social media is useful, especially with my passion for writing. But sometimes it’s kinda suffocating.

Just like what I said, I post random thoughts and realizations. But not everything will get posted, I have at least 15-word docs that are saved and haven’t been posted partly because I think it’s not yet finished and mostly because I think it’s not the right time to post it. Why not publish it, you ask, when on my previous post I wrote that I want to make a point and make people realize things?

I wanted to engage and get a response in any way possible.

But why not publish all my thoughts?

It’s because not everything will make sense and not everything you think needs to be broadcast.

Most people wanted to share what they have in mind so that everyone will see that it makes sense, it’s in our nature to say something but is it really necessary? If I think someone of power is a racist, misogynistic pig who rules a nation and uses his power to favor those who favor him, should I keep commenting on every actions that he does?

Once in a very while is enough, especially when I had enough.  I don’t have to comment on every action that he makes. Why would I waste my time waiting for his every move and give my two cents when I can use my time being useful and share good vibes that can brighten someone’s day or help in any way I can to voice out a topic or cause that myself relates to the most?

There are so many troll comments and unsolicited opinions thrown from most people, you need not to join the bandwagon just because it’s what’s in right now.

In a more simple way, I just want to say that be a Doraemon in a world full of Dora.

In every episode of Dora, she keeps showing things she has in her bag and is determined to make the audience use it, it doesn’t feel right when you know that there are things that are available and haven’t been used. Admit it. 

If you are too millennial for this post let me help you understand my Doraemon reference. Doraemon is a Japanese cartoon and he is a robotic cat from the 21st century who lived with Nobita who came from the 19th century if my memory serves me right. He has this white pouch, I’ll call it magical but I think it’s more of an advanced technology compartment. It’s like Hermione’s purse that can fit almost anything!

Anyway, we all know that Doraemon has this bunch of things that can help Nobita seize the day but what made him different from Dora and her backpack is that he just picks a specific tool. He doesn’t just give it away despite knowing how many items he has under his pocket.

While Dora uses all his packed stuff for her adventure, Doraemon only uses one that can help Nobita at that specific time.

Doraemon let Nobita realize his mistakes after his abusive use of that object, he doesn’t give him anymore even if he can.

I know that people are naturally curious, adding the fact that Filipinos are fanatic in nature- even at fault if I may add.

So if you are given a chance to share your two cents, make it worthwhile. Make it something which will benefit people more.

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