'everyday' is my current life’s theme song

By Teresa Gueco - February 29, 2020

I haven’t told this to anyone before but I have a life’s theme song and recently I realized that it has changed, the old one still depicts some of my views and opinions but it does not really speaks to me in some level anymore.

My previous life’s theme song was Land Called Far Away by Colbie Caillat from her album Gypsy Heart. Yes, that song. If you knew it then you know that it is about being free of commitment and not being ready to be involved in any romantic relationship (dude, I’m still not haha) unlike other girls my age.

For me, it’s not about hating other girls who pursues relationship. It’s actually me knowing I have more things in my mind, more goals to achieve, and more decisions to make. That simple.

I was in college when I labelled it as my life’s theme song. I have so much in my plate at that time and it was like an affirmation saying I’m normal and doing the right thing. And yes, I’ve never been the princess type so there’s that as well.

Recently I realized a new song now represents my life’s standpoint more accurate than Land Called Far Away and it’s everyday by Jeremy Zucker from his stripped EP.

As I age, I gather that life can be a bitch and by being so I eventually became less hopeful and idealistic. I felt defeated in general. I’ve reached certain point in life where people think I should be proud of but I ended up feeding the hole inside me.

I was living, I earn money to pay bills, to buy what I want, but I was still a hot mess.

And then everyday gave me hope.

It answers my unspoken questions and questions my unspoken answers.

‘If love is the answer, what is the question?’ that line is one of the most highlighted lines from the song. And I agree, what’s the question? I’ve seen memes saying if you don’t know the answer to a question, just put love because loving can never go wrong but what’s the question?

The song lulls me and somehow affirms where I am right now. It gives me hope and tells me that everything is fine.

It open my eyes; that despite being flawed there are things that I deserve and I am worthy.

Life’s a choice we make.

This slump is temporary no matter how permanent it feels like. I know that I can alter this and can do more if I wanted to because I always have a say in my life.

It tells me that I am not lost. That despite my struggles in finding my way and failing at finding where I am supposed to be- I’m not really lost.
It tells me not to fell dejected when the things in front of me are not the things that I am hoping for. I just need to carry on, keep my head up, and continue moving because I will definitely be where I am supposed to be.

I’ll see brighter days.

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